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Canadian Ad Hoc Intergovernmental Task Force and Migration Flows

Published on: Apr 03, 2018 | Tags: Canada eTA, Canada Immigration

Introduction A further meeting of the Ad Hoc Intergovernmental Task Force addressing Irregular Migration has recently taken place. The purpose was to assess progress and underline the challenging events being tackled in dealing with irregular migration. Key stakeholders are pulling out all the stops Marc Garneau, chairing the task force and himself…

Canada's Efforts to Dispel Future Illegal Immigration Waves

Published on: Feb 04, 2018 | Tags: Canada eTA, Canada Visa, Canada Immigration, Canada Entry Requirements

Introduction While the United States is cracking down on illegal immigration and President Trump is taking a hard stance against anyone trying to cross the border without due authorization, the Canadian government harbors fears that this could have an impact on Canada immigration. Their concern is that illegal immigrants living in the U.S. could try to cross the border into Canada looking…

News from the Provincial Nominee Program and the Ad Hoc Task Force

Published on: Jan 23, 2018 | Tags: Canada Entry Requirements, Canada Immigration

A step forward for Ontario in the Provincial Nominee Program For the forthcoming year if 2018, Ontario has announced an increase in the Provincial Nominee Program allocation. Numbers are set at 6,600 for immigrants who will now be nominated as part of the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream. This figure, granted by the Canadian Government, is up on the 2017 allocation by 600. Invitations…

Canada's Parent and Grandparent Program Reopens for 2018

Published on: Jan 03, 2018 | Tags: Canada Immigration, Canada Visa, Canada Entry Requirements

Introduction In Canada, the Family Class immigration program allows the country's citizens, and those who are permanently living in Canada, to sponsor their parents or grandparents to enter the country. This is part of the Parent and Grandparent Program, which will open again on January 2, 2018. This Canada immigration program is accepting submissions up to February 1, 2018. Aiming…

Canada Makes Several Important Steps Forward in its Immigration Policies

Published on: Dec 10, 2017 | Tags: Canada Immigration, Canada eTA, Canada Visa

Introduction Canada has announced that Romanian and Bulgarian visa requirements have been lifted, with effect from December 1, 2017. The announcement coincided with Romania’s National Day and is the outcome of intensive diplomatic and political efforts and negotiating between Canada, the EU, Romania, and Bulgaria. The requirement for an ETA Romanians flying to Canada…

Canada announces its multi-year Immigration Level Plan

Published on: Nov 20, 2017 | Tags: Canada Visa, Canada Immigration, Canada eTA

In a bold move to address Canada immigration levels, during the course of the next three years, Canada will welcome around one million immigrants. This is the plan according to a new government strategy, which represents perhaps the most ambitious immigration plan in recent times. Annual Canada immigration levels from now to 2020 The plan states that,…