Canada eTA website problems

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Sometimes, tech problems attack at the worst of times. While it’s unlikely, website problems could have an impact on your eTA application. Learn how to avoid an unwanted change of plans due to a failure with the eTA processing website.

Canada eTA website problems
Canada eTA website problems

Potential eTA website problems

It’s extremely frustrating to gather your documents, set aside time, and log in to apply for your eTA, only to find that the website is down. This doesn’t happen often, but like any website, the Canadian eTA processing website sometimes stops working.

Why does this happen? Usually, the website will undergo scheduled downtimes. Updates and upgrades are inconvenient for users, but they are necessary. Fortunately, the eTA processing website does notify users about scheduled downtimes. In order to get updates, you can follow Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada on Twitter. Or, you can simply visit the Canadian eTA processing website, where reminders for scheduled downtime will be posted.

On occasion, the eTA processing websites may simply not work. If this happens during a time when updates are not scheduled, then you should contact the website and let them know what is happening.

How to deal with issues

If the Canadian eTA processing website is not functioning, for whatever reason, you will have to wait to apply for your eTA. Generally, the website will not remain out of commission for more than a day. Set an alarm on your phone or calendar to remind you to try again in 24 hours. When you log on again, the site should be up and running as usual.

Obviously, if you taking a flight to Canada within 24 hours, this is not an ideal solution. However, you can’t count on the website to begin functioning soon enough for you to apply for your eTA before your flight. Unfortunately, in this case, you’ll have to call the airline and discuss your options. You may have to cancel or delay your flight.

Avoiding complications due to eTA website failure

If you apply for your Canadian eTA early, a website malfunction will not be a big problem for you. Since website outages are short-lived, you will have plenty of time to apply later. However, if you wait until the last minute to apply, then a technical problem could change your travel plans. The best way to avoid major complications is to apply early.


It’s not hard to apply for an eTA. Don’t let intimidation of the application process make you wait until the last minute to apply. In the unlikely event that you do experience a website outage, it’s better to deal with it months in advance rather than a few hours before you leave for Canada. Fortunately, there’s almost always a back-up solution in place for tech emergencies, whether than means waiting to apply or rescheduling your flight.


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