How to update a Canadian eTA?

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Changes in life can be exciting, but they require filling out a lot of paperwork. The bank, the government, and even your gym want to know every time you change your home address or email address. Does the Canadian government need to know, as well? If you have a Canadian eTA, or if you have applied for one, the answer is “yes.” Read on to learn how and when to update your eTA.

What can I update on my eTA?

Once you submit an eTA application, you can update your email. In fact, if you change your email address after submitting your eTA application, you must update your email. Since your acceptance status is sent to you electronically, you need to have a functional email address in order to know whether or not you are approved for an eTA. You cannot enter Canada unless you have received an email stating that your eTA was authorized.

What cannot be updated on my eTA?a

You cannot update your passport or biometric information on your eTA application. Your Canadian eTA is linked to the passport and identity on your application. If you get a new passport or update your name, you will have to apply for a new Canadian eTA.

If you made a mistake on the eTA application form and wrote your passport information incorrectly, your application will be rejected and a fresh application will need to be submitted.

When do I have to get a new eTA?

Some changes or application mistakes require you to apply for an entirely new eTA. Generally, this involves passport matters. You will have to get a new eTA if you get a new passport, as stated in the section above. If you make a mistake on your eTA application form regarding your passport number, country, name, or other information, then you will have to submit a new application form.


Updating your eTA is a fairly simple matter. There are only a few circumstances that require updates, including email and home address changes. Both of these can be done electronically before your application is approved. Once you have your authorized eTA, you don’t need to update anything unless you get a new passport. You can check the status of your eTA anytime by visiting the eTA status check.


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