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Survey sees Canada's popularity with migrants rising

Published on: Feb 15, 2023 | Tags: Canada Immigration, Canada eTA Eligibility

Canada's popularity with would-be international migrants has increased by more than half in the past ten years, according to a survey published by Gallup. The analytics firm released the results of its new survey on January 24, covering not only respondents' desire to migrate but also their preferred destinations and other factors. Survey responses showing greater preference for Canada…

Who is exempt from needing a Canada eTA?

Published on: Aug 29, 2022 | Tags: Canada eTA Requirements, Canada Entry Requirements, Cancel eTA Application

Travellers from many countries don't require visas when travelling to Canada. Instead, residents of these nations must apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization, or eTA. However, not everyone from a visa-exempt nation needs an eTA. This article provides a brief guide to Canada's eTA exemptions. US citizens Canada's nearest neighbour provides a high percentage…

Travelling to Canada as a permanent resident

Published on: Jul 26, 2022 | Tags: Permanent Resident, Canada eTA Application Form

For many people, travel to Canada means getting either a visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA), which demonstrates that you are exempt from the visa requirement. The main exceptions to these rules are Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Permanent residents can prove their status by showing a valid permanent resident card (PR card) when entering the country. However, not having…

What is the Canada NEXUS Program?

Published on: Jun 29, 2022 | Tags: Canada Entry Requirements, Canada eTA

If you visit Canada frequently, you may be looking for a way to reduce the amount of time spent at border crossings. One way of doing this is to make use of the NEXUS program. This joint US-Canada expedited border control system pre-approves some travellers, allowing them to use reserved entry lanes at land border crossings and special kiosks at airports. Qualifying for NEXUS takes a little…

Requirements for COVID-19 vaccinated travellers

Published on: May 28, 2022 | Tags: Canada eTA, Canada Visa, COVID-19

 With new travel rules for passengers who have been vaccinated against Covid-19, visiting Canada is easier than it's been at any point since the start of the pandemic. There are still rules to follow, though, so if you're planning on travelling to Canada, make sure that you've done everything you need to. You'll need to be able to show Canadian authorities that you have been vaccinated and tested,…

Top cities to visit in Canada

Published on: Dec 21, 2020 | Tags: Canada Tourism, Canada Visa, Canada eTA

Whether you’re looking for a vibrant, cosmopolitan city or a quiet, picturesque location, Canada has it all. With the second biggest landmass in the world, and the 38th largest population (36.5 million – just over half that of the UK), it could be described as pretty sparse. The vast majority of people live along the southern border with the United States in the provinces of Ontario, Quebec, British…

How to extend your stay in Canada

Published on: Sep 21, 2020 | Tags: Visitor Record, Canada eTA, Canada Visa

When you arrive in Canada as a visitor for the first time, you will need to show one of the following documents before you are allowed to enter: a valid travel document or passport and a visitor visa or temporary resident visa, or an eTA (electronic travel authorization). Should you wish to remain…

Top landmarks to see in Canada

Published on: Aug 17, 2020 | Tags: Canada eTA, Canada Tourism

Canada offers visitors a number of urban attractions to renowned nature spots. Canada’s vastness and rich cultural history have developed it into a welcoming and diverse country. This guide provides travellers with a few top landmarks they should consider visiting on their next trip to Canada. Travelling to Canada Before you make a list of landmarks you must see in Canada, it's…

Why does the eTA application require employment information?

Published on: May 27, 2020 | Tags: Canada eTA Requirements, Canada eTA Application Form, Canada eTA Questions

Introduction Canada Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) requests information on a traveller’s existing occupational circumstances to help demonstrate visitors are not coming to Canada to seek employment. Employment information also helps IRCC evaluate applications should they be manually reviewed for authenticity, immigration or security purposes.

COVID-19 restrictions and exemptions for travellers entering Canada

Published on: May 07, 2020 | Tags: COVID-19, Border Security, Canada eTA Rules

In order to safeguard Canadian citizens against the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s Prime Minister recently published restrictions on foreign travel to Canada. Until a new announcement is made, the majority of individuals will not be able to travel to Canada. These restrictions also apply to travellers who are already in possession of a valid eTA (electronic travel authorization) or visa. The announcement…