The Express Entry Category B for Nova Scotia: Back by Popular Demand

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In Nova Scotia, new applicants for permanent residency have recently benefitted from the reopening of an Express Entry category. This category is one of four that migrants can use to enter Nova Scotia, allowing the province to nominate candidates within the Express Entry system for permanent settlement in Canada. However, this opportunity is only temporary. In fact, it began on November 17 and was open to 225 new applicants. This very popular Canada immigration category is part of the Express Entry Streams.

Applications to three different economic immigration programs

The pool of candidates can apply for the three highly skilled economic immigration programs, managed by the Express Entry System. These comprise the following classes:

  • Federal Skilled Workers
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Canadian Experience

Category B: A popular option for permanent residency applications

Express Entry candidates are attracted to Category B because, when they apply, they don't need to have an offer of employment or the benefit of any work experience in Canada. Also, there is no need to have a minimum Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking Score (CRS). This score can give a candidate a certain rank within the Express Entry pool.

While a provincial Nova Scotia nomination gives those looking to settle in Canada 600 CRS points, a Category B application really means that Express Entry candidates can apply for permanent residence in Canada no matter what their ranking score might be at the outset.

A rush of applicants

When this Express Entry category opened on November 17, it showed all the signs of the usual competitiveness of previous Category B intakes. This process operates on the basis of those who apply first being given the first opportunities. Nova Scotia accepts applications in the order in which they are received and closes off applications at the point where the quota has been reached. Usually, this takes place very quickly and in a matter of hours.

On November 17, the situation was no different to before. Within around 2 hours, the application quota had been met. This wasn't unusual and was very similar to previous Category B intakes. Prior to this latest intake, the previous offer opened on April 28 2018. At this time, 350 applications were received within a very short timeframe from the offer being opened.

Options for Express Entry into Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia identifies and invites individuals to apply for Express Entry in a number of ways. Although Category B operates on a first-come first-served basis, the Labour Market Priorities Stream looks at the Nominee Program and the Express Entry pool so that eligible applicants with work experience in targeted occupations can be invited to apply.

Launched on August 2, The Labour Market Priorities Stream sent out invitations soon afterwards to candidates who had experience in early childhood education and related areas. The Nominee Program states that the targeted professions in the Labour Market Priorities Stream are based on the current demands of the labour market. Therefore, this can obviously change as labour market conditions continue to evolve.

Other Express Entry options

In Nova Scotia, other Express Entry streams include Category A - Nova Scotia Demand and Nova Scotia Experience. Applicants to Category A can apply any time of the year as long as they have an offer of employment from a Nova Scotia employer. As for the Nova Scotia Experience program, this is continuously open to applicants who already have a year's work experience in any nominated highly skilled occupation.

How to apply for Express Entry

To apply for all Express Entry streams, candidates must initially create their profile. Those thinking of moving to Nova Scotia must ensure they are familiar with all the requirements to set up their residency application. Nova Scotia benefits from a stable economy and scenic surroundings, with modern cities and natural attractions. The tourist industry is thriving and offers many employment opportunities for immigrants.

Foreign nationals who wish to visit Nova Scotia on a temporary basis before considering moving there permanently can often travel with a Canada visa. The other popular option is to apply online for a Canada ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation). Applicants can get all the information they need online to find out which of these options will apply to them by visiting the Canada eTA requirements.

In general, Canada immigration is enjoying a rise in numbers of foreign nationals taking up permanent residence. More specifically, when planning to travel to Nova Scotia, a Canada eTA can be issued in advance and application online is usually very straightforward. A Canada visa can be a visitor visa or a Temporary Resident Visa (TVR). Tourist visas are granted for six months maximum and include single entry visas and multiple entry visas.


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