What are the rules of using a Canada eTA?

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Obtaining a Canadian eTA gives travelers freedom to travel to Canada with ease compared to applying for a visa. However, there are still rules that must be followed if you want to keep your eTA valid. Although most of these are fairly straightforward, there are a few rules you might not know about. Be sure you know what you can and cannot do in Canada while holding a Canadian eTA.

Rules that may affect your ability to travel or remain in Canada

Work. A Canadian eTA does not give you the right to work and receive payment from a Canadian source. If you get caught, you will be sent out of Canada and your eTA status will be revoked. If you want to work in Canada and receive payments from a Canadian source, you have to apply for a work visa.

Study. If you would like to attend school in Canada, you must obtain a study visa. You cannot attend university with an eTA. In fact, institutions probably would not even allow you to enroll without the proper documentation to enter Canada as a full-time student.

Bring fresh fruit. You can bring a lot of things with you into Canada when you visit on an eTA, but fresh fruit is not one of them.. If you arrive at the Canadian border with fresh fruit, you will be asked to discard it before you are allowed to enter the country.

Stay in Canada longer than 6 months. With an eTA, you are limited to six-month visits to Canada. If you overstay your eTA, you may not see any immediate effects, since the immigration officer at the border may not check your passport stamp. However, if you try to re-enter Canada, border security will notice your previous overstay. You will not be allowed in the country, and your eTA will be revoked. You can, however, apply for an eTA visit extension while you are in Canada.

Canadian Laws that travelers should know

Talk on the phone while driving. Many tourists visiting Canada don’t know that talking on the phone while driving is a strictly-enforced law. You can use your phone on a hands-free mode, but you can’t engage with your GPS or mobile phone device while driving. If you get a traffic ticket in Canada, you have to pay or face consequences. At the very least you would not be able to rent a car again in Canada, at the most you would get a hefty fine and points on your license in your home country.  

Get health care. Canada has a socialized health care system that is only available to nationals. You can’t walk into a health facility and receive care, even if you are in the country legally with an eTA. In order to avoid a bad emergency situation, it’s best to get international health coverage before you visit Canada.


Entry into Canada is conditional, based on whether or not you follow the rules set in place. If you don’t follow these rules, you may find yourself in a difficult situation facing deportation or even worse, criminal charges. Depending on the breach, you jeopardize your ability to visit Canada in the future. Make sure you educate yourself on what is allowed under your eTA status and respect the limits placed on you by the Canadian government.

Get started on your eTA application

If you hold a passport from a country that is eligible for the Canada eTA such as the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, or many other eTA eligible countries, you will need to obtain an approved eTA before your tourism, business or medical visit to Canada. Get started on your application, otherwise, visit the eTA requirements to learn more about the Canada eTA

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